The studio was founded by Chinmaya Misra. Her journey from India to Los Angeles and her education at The Southern California Institute of Architecture have played a significant role in shaping her design philosophy. Chinmaya sees interior design as an extension of her training as an architect. The emphasis on a cohesive design approach that includes architect-led interiors, site-specific furniture, custom textiles, and installation-driven art showcases her holistic perspective. Her ability to see latent potential in spaces, regardless of scale, and her commitment to merging clients' needs with design expectations highlight her thoughtful and collaborative process. Capturing design moments, Chinmaya creates magical spaces that are both joyful and meditative, and whimsical and timeless. Her role as a teacher and mentor at Cal Poly Pomona, along with her core studio team, reflects her dedication to sharing knowledge and fostering the growth of future designers.


At CHINCHIN Design, our mission is to create spaces that transcend expectations and leave a lasting impression. Our commitment to a relentless pursuit of excellence, innovative design, and meticulous attention to detail aligns with a dedication to quality and craftsmanship in the field of design. Our goal to deliver spaces that not only serve functional needs but also inspire and elevate clients' everyday lives reflects our holistic approach.

Delivering design as a form of celebration suggests an appreciation for the transformative and joyous aspects of the creative process, emphasizing the positive impact that well-designed spaces can have on people's lives.


Embracing the wisdom of Frank Chimero from Human Digital, who famously stated, "People ignore design that ignores people," our approach seamlessly merges spatial, functional, and humanistic considerations. We believe that design has the ability to shape experiences, evoke emotions, and create meaningful connections. In every project we undertake, large or small, we are motivated to bring that emotional connection to life. If you're looking to transform your spaces into truly memorable and meaningful environments, we are here to collaborate and make that vision a reality.

Chinmaya Misra

Before establishing her Interior Design firm, Chinmaya co-founded CHA:COL, an award-winning architecture practice in 2010 with her husband. Their collaborative efforts have earned numerous design awards from prestigious organizations such as IIDA, Interior Design Magazine, AIA Los Angeles, and Shaw Contract International. Their notable projects have been showcased in publications including Luxe Magazine, Dwell Magazine, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Architectural Record, Thames and Hudson, Australian Design Review, Dezeen, Design Milk, Modern Home, California Home&Design, Archdaily, HGTV and more.

Claudia Barbazza

With dual master's degrees cum laude in Interior Architecture from Politecnico di Milano and the Cal Poly Pomona + UCLA program in Los Angeles, Claudia has cultivated a distinctive aesthetic and approach that she infuses into every design project. Currently based in Milan, her focus revolves around the intricate interplay between architecture, interior design, social trends, and mindful living. Over the past decade, she has had the privilege of contributing to the success of internationally acclaimed architectural firms based in Milan, Los Angeles, and London. Throughout this journey, she has played a pivotal role in crafting award-winning interior design projects that span the spectrum from creative lofts to luxury private residences and cutting-edge workplaces.

Seammala Sun

Seammala transitioned from New York's fashion scene to the world of environmental design, earning a Masters from Cal Poly Pomona in Interior Architecture. With a rich background in fashion, textile, and handcrafting, she brings a diverse set of skills to her work. Having honed her abilities on a varied portfolio spanning commercial, hospitality, and residential projects at industry-acclaimed design studios, Seammala aims to imbue each space with precision, clarity, and a sense of place. Now based in London, she remains committed to continuous learning and growth, always striving to refine her approach and create designs that resonate with harmony and purpose.

Jen Stammberger

Jen is a seasoned real estate professional with a unique blend of expertise that surpasses the ordinary. With a diverse background spanning a decade in the veterinary field and three years in interior design, she offers a distinctive set of skills and perspectives. Her years in the veterinary industry instilled deep compassion and patience, traits she applies to the personal and emotional journey of buying or selling a home. Based in Los Angeles, she takes pride in her reputation as a trustworthy and compassionate real estate agent, prioritizing the building of lasting relationships over transactions. Focused on personalized service and fueled by a genuine passion for architecture and design, Jen is an invaluable resource and dedicated partner in navigating the intricate world of home and property transactions.