Rancho Park, Los Angeles




Residential Remodel


Interior design, custom casework, finish & furniture selection, lighting selection and artwork curation


Amy Bartlam

The clients initially planned to demolish their Rancho Park home for a 2-story rebuild but faced challenges with high costs and unrealistic bids. They opted instead for an interior refresh, transforming their 1950s bungalow with inspiration from Charles Rennie Mackintosh's design philosophy. Inspired by Mackintosh's iconic armchairs, characterized by vertical slats and checkered lattice backrests, the front half of the house unfolds as a series of meticulously crafted vignettes. The living room, with three existing windows reminiscent of vertical grids, becomes a focal point with custom millwork walls echoing geometric precision. A new quarter-framed archway introduces rhythm and fluidity, gracefully concealing an undesired stepped ceiling condition. Preserving the original pinewood floors while incorporating large format terrazzo tiles in the dining nook enhances the design with added layers.The client's preference for a soft, mushroom neutral palette in the living room transitions boldly into a darker green kitchen and a teal blue bathroom. Gridded casework geometry accentuates architectural lines, creating a seamless flow between spaces. The attention to detail, custom millwork, and geometric precision result in a unique and layered interior.

  • Almayo

Words from the Client

"Chinmaya brought incredible creative and beautiful design inspiration to our home. She completely transformed the spaces. We love the small details that she and her team brought to our project."



Jessica + Joshua

Jessica + Joshua

Dining Room
Kitchen Transition
Kitchen Detail
Living Room
Living Room
Reading Nook
Bookshelf Detail
Entryway Detail
Guest Bathroom