Tudor Nook


Santa Monica, California




Residential Remodel


Custom casework, furniture selection, lighting selection and curio selection


Amy Bartlam

Tasked with designing a breakfast nook for a family with young children, we sought creative inspiration from the existing Tudor style home. Tudor homes are characterized by their steeply pitched gable roofs, embellished doorways, groupings of windows and decorative half-timbering. The incorporation of an A-frame proportioned leg support and decorative detailing on the table rendered a successful translation of Tudor style elements into the furniture design. This not only tied the breakfast nook to the home's architectural character but also added a playful and personalized touch. Manufactured stone, known for its durability, resistance to stains, and scratch-resistant properties, was utilized as the table top surface, making it an ideal surface where kids could eat, paint, and do their homework without worrying about potential damage.

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Words from the Client

"Working with Chinmaya was the best decision we ever made. Not only is she incredibly talented, but her communication is next level, which in my opinion is the most important aspect  when choosing someone to work with. She is efficient, thoughtful and warm, a pleasure to work with. I will continue to find more projects around our home so we can continue to work together."



Lauren and Matt Goldenberg

Lauren and Matt Goldenberg

Custom Tudor Table
Table Leg A-frame Detail
Custom Nook
Custom Bench Detail
Custom Nook Detail
Custom Edge Detail